I'm working a lot but I'm doing better! I was even down a pound this a.m. I'm ok! :) Thanks for checking on me, commenting and supporting me! xoxo!


I'm struggling...

It's sad when you get to this point post op and you realize that old habits die hard. All the emotional stuff is taking it toll on me and I have turned to my old bff food. I'm ashamed to admit it but its the truth. I have to get a grip. That is all.


Getting into the groove..

Yesterday was Valentine's Day...

I woke up at 4:14 a.m... a good half hour before my alarm. My body is used to getting up around that time now and of course, I can't stay awake past 9 in the evenings. Anyway, I got up and made coffee, tip toed around the house while getting ready for work. I even had time to check my email and watch a couple YT videos. I wore my cute heart print scrub top w/ gray pants and was at work by 6 a.m. I had sneaked a Valentine's card into the cart at Walmart the night before for DJ and made sure to sign it and leave it on the counter for him when he woke up.

The girls had their school parties Friday and I sent cards and cookies in. They came home after, back packs over flowing w/ Valentines, candies, and cookies. :) Despite working so much, I was able to balance it all this week and felt really good about being a good working mommy. :)

So, yesterday around lunch time, I was thinking about how ready I was to get home and spend the rest of Valentine's Day with my family... I had run down to another station, where they were short handed, to help out for a few minutes, and was getting ready to head back when I looked up and there, down the hall in front of me was DJ and the kids! They had a vase w/ a rose, two balloons and a couple cards in their hands. Gabey saw me and I shrieked , "GABEY!" and he yelled, "Mommy!" and we ran to each other! LOL It was so cute. The girls came running and we all hugged and kissed and mashed each other. :) DJ is such a great man. He's so thoughtful and kind and I am happy and blessed to have the family that we have.

Time are tough and things are stressful, but moments like that, make it all worthwhile. They remind me that we can make it... b/c we love each other and b/c even though we've had tough times we always somehow make it thru, together... stronger and closer and more in love.

I don't know what is in our future. I don't know if he'll get called back to his job or if he'll have to find another one. I don't know how long its going to take me to finish nursing school, or how long I'm going to have be a full time working mommy. What I do know though, is that somehow we'll survive. We'll hang on to each other, preferring one another, loving and caring for one another.

That is how we'll make it. That is how we'll stay together and make our lives work no matter what comes against us. Afterall, it's what has gotten us this far. :)



  • weight: 142 lbs.
  • hours of work this week: 60
  • frustration level: HIGH
  • exhaustion level: HIGH



DJ got laid off.

I'm picking up a ton of hours at work to catch us up and make up for it. We were already behind from me being off w/ my arm injury. Thank god for a (smallish) tax return and my job. We'll make it. :) It's a lot on me though and I've been stressed beyond belief. I haven't had to be the main bread winner ever in our marriage.

What does all this mean for our future? Will I still be able to go to school? I have to. I don't have any other option. I need my degree. The only positive thing is that this may qualify me for more grant money and DJ is home so there will be no childcare expenses.

I have been thru harder things. Really, at least we have a "plan" and hopefully it all pans out the way we need it to. Nursing jobs are pretty recession resistant lucky for me. DJ is also talking about going back to school.

I'll keep ya'll posted.