Long Awaited Update

So here I am. More than 3 yrs post op and my life is completely different than the one I used to lead. I'm getting divorced, I have a new wonderful man in my life, I moved, I started nursing clinicals and I am determined to live a life full of happiness and peace!

My weight fluctuates 15 lbs or so... and it's always a constant struggle to stay in control. I guess somewhere inside I'll always be fighting that fat girl! lol I usually wear a size 8 or 10 and I'm ok with that. It's a far cry from the size 28/30 I started at!

The kids are doing amazing. Hannah is in middle school. Abby is in 3rd grade and Gabe started preschool this year.

School for me is exciting and stressful. I am determined to finish though and get that RN degree in my hand! I'm still working at the nursing home and gaining a lot of experience.

My marriage fell apart, but truly I don't think the weight loss had anything to do with. It was already failing. All the weight loss did, was allow me to see that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to and that I did not have to settle for being treated in any way that was harmful or caused me pain or sadness. I chose to take my life back and I am truly happy!

My boyfriend Chad is amazing and I am so blessed to have him in my life!!!

I will post some updated pics!