28 months

I figured it was time for me to hop on and give an update.

I'm in school full time for nursing and it is going well. I got my grades today for Summer quarter. All A's again! :) Fall quarter doesn't start for about 4 weeks so I have a nice little break. Work is going well too. I went ahead and took a bid job on 3rd shift. I love it. Though I don't get much sleep I am able to juggle the kids and their activities so I feel good about that.

My weight is a struggle right now. I'm all over the 140's and have to admit I'm not eating well. Night shift really screws with my meals and when I'm hungry and I find myself grazing a lot. Part of it is that I feel nauseated when I go without sleep so I find myself snacking on crackers to try to settle my tummy. The scale is close to 150. Scares me! Time to get a grip!!

The kids are doing well. DJ is still laid off, but is doing great as the stay-at-home daddy! Gabey and him are super close. It hurts my feelings a little bit when he cries for daddy instead of me, but at the same time, I am so happy to have a man who loves his kids and cares for them so well. I am blessed. <3

The girls are in 4H and so we've spent most of the weekend and today running and back and forth to the fair. It is so fun, but really hot today!! We came home this after noon to cool off and get a quick nap in before Hannah's style review tonight.

Guess that's all for now! ;)