Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone! It's been too long again!

School is going amazingly well. I am getting awesome grades... all A's so far. I'm taking English, Chemistry and Anatomy. I will start clinicals in the fall. :) I am so excited.

Work is busy. That's all about all I say about that. That place and its drama is nuts. Always has been...always will be I suppose!

DJ and the kids are doing well. He's still laid off but we have all adjusted pretty well and are doing well working together as a team to get our goals accomplished!

Weight wise I am struggling a bit. I've hit my all time high (since surgery)... about 153. I can't stand it. I feel so bloated and I really need to refocus. It is tough with the crazy schedule though. I'm working it though!

I will be 140-145 again soon. :)