It's time for an update

Hello world!

After a tiny freak out from finding out that people in my real life knew about my blog, were reading and then gossiping about things I wrote, I went private. I'm back now. Screw them. I love my readers and I'm here to tell my story. They can stuff it. LOL

I am proud of my life, my struggles and my accomplishments and I know that what I share has helped other people too.

So here's where I am now!

Weight: up! 155.6 lbs as of this a.m. Eek. I know what to do, and I'm doing it.
Work: Crazy! Working full time on 3rd shift! Whew! I'm tired most of the time!
Kids: Doing awesome! <3
DJ: Still laid off from his awesome job, but working a mediocre job for the time being.
Me: I got my braces off! And am still plugging away at school. I'll be in clinicals this fall and am ready to get this done!