Could I be any more nauseaus? I'm sure I could, but I'd be hanging over the toilet bowl. Ugh. South Beach High Protein Cereal Bars....The first one I had was decent. Yesterday I had one for breakfast and felt ok. Today though, I ate a Cinnamon Raisin one for breakfast and I feel like poo. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

So I need to get an exercise routine in place. I thought about Curves, and they are running a special this month, but with 3 kids it is hard to get there. That is not cop out, it is the truth. Having an 8 yo, a 5 yo and a 10 mo. old sort of limit my options a bit. I decided to go for a walk a few days ago, and DJ was gone so I had to take them all with me. I can't say I could even count it as exercise b/c of how many times we had to stop and go. We had to stop and look at ever flower, bug, leaf... LOL It makes good memories for the kids, but does nothing for my flab. I didn't even break a sweat. The fresh air is good, but I need some structured exercise. Any ideas?

I bought an exerciser thing. It's called... hang on let me go look....
OK It's called the Easy Shaper. I got it at a garage sale. I've been going to yard sales trying to find some exercise equipment so I can just set up a little gym in my basement. Right now I've one piece. HAHA! Gotta start some where though!!!

So I was irratated at the scale again this a.m. What's new, right? lol Oh well. It will move. Right now I'm starting to hear a lot of good comments about my weight loss and that helps. Abby, my 5 yo is brutally honest and has been telling me how small I'm getting. That makes me feel good, b/c I know it's real... not just someone trying to make me feel encouraged.

We have two cookout's to go to Monday but I'm cleared on Monday for all foods (as tolerated) except steaks and roast so I'm good. Will have to be careful and keep an eye out for hidden sugars and fats, but I feel confident that I'll be ok.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

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