Trying to calm down...

Thanks Danyele for your comments. :) I'm glad to see I haven't scared everyone off. haha I'm calmer now, and plan on grabbing my tape measure to see if anything has changed in the last few weeks.

I need to breathe. ;) I'll be ok, I promise.

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Deluzy said...

Sweet pea, I stalled at 6 weeks out, big-time. It's VERY COMMON, which doesn't make it suck less, but it does make you ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. I promise.

I'd lost 25 pounds at that point. So see, you're a little ahead of where I was.

It'll be okay. It's just impossible to believe during those first SIX MONTHS or so (not just weeks) that this tool is going to work for you.

It will.

I promise (again).