Energy would be good right now, because I'm out. Seriously. So tired.

What's making me this way?

Hannah: Last day of school-tons of lose ends Mommy had to tie up.
Abby: A normal 5 yr. old.
Gabe: Fever for 3 days ending in a lovely head-to-toe rash. Add 4 teeth coming in at once and another ear infection.
DJ: 10 hr. work days.
Me: PMSing, weak, exhausted, my new anatomy....but I'm still going at it.

So...I keep getting reminded that I did this to myself. Yeah, thanks. Too bad I was under the impression that I was going to be gaining energy from the weight loss, not losing it and being more weak and tired than before.

I am only 7 weeks out (on Monday) so I suppose I am probably right where I should be considering that I just had "major surgery".

At any rate, I am down 33 lbs. and that feels great. I went and picked up all of my vitamins today and am getting going on those. My surgeon has you take a chewable multi for the first 6 weeks a long with Pepcid and the Urso. Now that I can swallow pills I will take:


Let's pray they kick in soon!!! Amen.

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