3 months update

I am down a total of 58 lbs. at 3 months post op. :)

I had my 3 mo. check w/ my surgeon yesterday and they said I am ahead of schedule for my loses. :) I feel great. Oh! I just remembered I haven't done my measurements. I'll do those first thing in the morning for comparision.

I am doing ok with eating. Some days I have ZERO appetite, but I did get hammered by my NUT for keeping my carbs so low. He said w/ the low calories that we are intaking I shouldn't keep my carbs lower than 90g a day. EEK! I don't think I can get them that high so for right now I'm just adding some whole wheat tortillas, more veggies and 2 svg. of fruit a day and see what happens. I'm really really scared that it's going to slow down my weight loss, but I'll give it shot. I've been struggling with being really tired lately and I'm thinking that adding some healthy carbs may actually help with that. Ya'll can click on my fitday link on the side to see what I'm eating and how my totals are looking. This is actually helping my protein intake to come up a little too since I'll be having cottage cheese w/ fruit and then some whole wheat products.

I got to see Bobbi and Robin at the appt. That was awesome. The three of us met at the PAT (preadmission testing day) back in March and Robin and I actually had surgery on the the same day and hung out in the hospital together. It was great seeing them and watching all of us in our transformations. They looked wonderful!!

I can't believe how far I've come in only 3 months. :) I am so glad I did this.


Lacy H. said...

Hi there! I just stumbled on your blog while looking through OH. It's so great to read your story and follow your progress. I'm so happy that you are losing, and feeling great. Thanks for being honest about all the struggles. You are looking beautiful, and glowing! Your little ones are darling too. I'm in process for getting approved for WLS (six month diet) and my heart is yearning for the weight to GO! You'll be in my prayers!

Danyele said...

Just my .02 cents .. stick with the fruit and veggies for your carbs. They have far more nutritional value than the grains. And the fiber REALLY helps to keep things "moving along", so to speak. If I skip on my fruit and yogurt in the morning for a couple of days, I end up really regretting it.

Dagny said...

Keep up with the photos lady! Your face is changing FAST!!!!