So I have zero Christmas spirit this year. We have no decorations up yet, no tree, and I've only purchased about 4 things for the kids so far. Everytime I think about Christmas coming, I feel ill. Our bills are piled up right now. I mean seriously piled up. I am working my butt off and we seem to be further behind than when I stayed home with the kids and didn't work. Ugh!!! Not to mention our $600 cell phone bill. Yes, that is not a typo. Six hundred dollars...$610.49 to be exact. I could throw up.
How'd it get that high you ask? Two words. Text Messaging. DJ somehow managed to send out 4000 last month thinking he had unlimited txting. He obviously did not.
And so, a $600 cell bill at Christmas time is bad, but also regular bills, (our first heating bills are starting to come in) and braces pymts., car pymts, groceries, etc.... And once again I have no clothes that fit. I'm serious. Last night at work, I had to tie my apron around my belt loops in order to keep my pants up. Don't get me wrong. I like shrinking, but I need to be able to walk without my pants falling to my ankles. I work at a family restaurant, afterall.
And so, here I sit, looking out the window, staring at falling snow, wishing, hoping and praying that everythign works out and that by some miracle we get enough cash to pay all of our bills and clothe my small(er) butt.
I told DJ that if it wasn't for early termination fees and credit reports I'd say screw the cell phone bill, but we (him) really put ourselves in a bad spot. Ugh.
I hate even talking about it here b/c normally we have what we need and don't sacrifice too much, but the timing on this just sucks.
Oh yeah, AND when I was driving home last night, I noticed my wheel shaking when I went around a curve in my Expedition. A car repair on top of all of this is not what I need right now!!!

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