I'm on house arrest...

or so it feels.
DJ has been driving the Expedition to work everyday b/c his car is out of commission until Thursday. WHen he worked nights it didn't matter much b/c I was sleeping while he gone. Now that he is on days, I feel like a prisioner. I can't go anywhere and it is getting old quick. The first few days weren't bad... I caught up on neglected housework, played online, watched movies, taken naps, painted my nails, gone through old clothes... now I'm starting to go crazy.

TOM is still hanging around and making me bloated and hungry. Grrr. The scale was 153 today. Blah. Don't care much though until TOM is gone and I'm back to normal. The things we women must endure. ;)

I've made a list for my weekly trip to Walmart... (Can we all tell that I'm settling back into the Stay-at-home-mom Mode? It's 1:30 p.m. and I'm in PJ's and have my hair twisted up and secured w/ a pen. Sexy.) Anyway, back to the list... Citracal Creamy Bites... I've been missing my calcium b/c of the whole...don't take it w/ a multi and iron stuff...and b/c I forget early in the day. So... Citracal Creamy Bites. Yum.

EAS shakes. Strawberry Creme. Love those. What else? Oh! Protein bars, cottage cheese and yogurt. Kashi Go Lean Cereal and some Lean Pockets. I'll be good to go! :)

I think I'm hungry right now. Ha ha!!!

Rambling... I'm sure I've lost ya'll by now. So I guess I'll go.


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