Weighed in front of the WHOLE class...

Tomorrow is our last day of STNA classes and today one of our lab skills was taking someones weight. No biggie but of course the advisor had to demonstrate how to do it. She asked for volenteers and no one would step up to be weighed. I figured what the heck and jumped on the scale.
OMG. Me. On the scale, in front my entire class. I was fully dressed w/ shoes, and weighed 156. I figured that was about right b/c this a.m. I had been up to 153 when I weighed before hopping in the shower.
At any rate, this is the first time in my ENTIRE life when I didn't care if anyone saw how much I weighed.
Do you guys know how HUGE this is??? I felt FREE. That's what I've been working towards. FREEDOM. Freedom from fat. Freedom from weight issues. Freedom. Sweet glorious freedom.
I tasted it today and it was good.


Through Thick and Thin said...

OLY COW you are so brave!! congratulations!! that is SUCH a HUGE step and you should be proud. proud proud!

Susy said...

Amber.... That was a great blog and a great day. Loved it. Great job girl. Love the new pic of you and your hubby. :)