I spent most of day cleaning and wrestling a 17 month old who refuses to nap. I only WISH someone would let me nap. Ugh. Somehow I've managed to get most of my work done. Working on cooking dinner now, still have laundry going and still have to put away all the clean clothes in my bedroom....oh and mop the kitchen floor. We did however get all the Christmas stuff put away and will take the tree down tomorrow a.m. when DJ is here to drag it out into the front yard.

I was a solid 159 this a.m. :) I'll be glad when my mind catches up to my now smaller body. I still don't "get" it and it annoys me at times. I want to feel good about me!!

I went to the doc this a.m. and he started me on Effex*r for my anxiety and depression. Anyone else partake of this crazy pill? Lemme know. He said, "I don't worry about any side effects for you, but coming off of it is not good, so don't." Alrighty then.

Let's see... what else... Oh DJ may be moving to a new position that is day shift. He has worked midnights for the last 3 yrs and before that did a swing shift for 5 yrs. It will be interesting to have him have a set normal shift like that.

Guess that's it for now... sausage is burning....

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Through Thick and Thin said...

i took effexor for a couple of years(in another life) for anxiety and it helped. but i was also warned about coming off of it, research it online. some people have horrid times getting off of it. i tapered off very gradually and did ok. Its a good drug and can really help a lot. Good luck!