I'm not even joking...


OMG! This is insane! I was supposed to go to the doctor this a.m. to discuss my meds and get an antibiotic for my UTI that I know I have. Blah! Now, I'm going to have to reschedule. DJ drove the Expedition to work again b/c his car is buried and the truck has 4 wheel drive so it makes sense. It means I'm stuck here though, again, all day, with 3 kids. I plan on sending them outside to play in the snow again

Sledding yesterday was so fun and I got some great pics that I'll upload and share in a few! Gabe absolutely LOVED it. He wanted to go down the hill on every ride and yelled "Weee" and "Yay, yay!" the whole time. When we'd climb back to the top and all pile back on the sled, he'd stand there saying, "Me! Me!" so we'd let him on again. So cute!!

I stayed on track foodwise yesterday and felt really good about that. :) I'll be back with pics in a second!

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