My body hates me!

Ha! I quit smoking but in the process I've gained 5 lbs. from my lowest of 148. This a.m. I was 153, and this was after 3 days of logging food, watching every bite and exercising. WTF??? Arg!
I think I'm in a stall. Seriously. I won't complain (much) b/c this is my first true stall since my gastric bypass but that doesn't make it suck any less. LOL At any rate, I don't know what to do. I have about 20 lbs still to lose to reach my original goal and the scale mocks me.
When I see pics of my face though, it is starting to look too thin. So I dunno. The girls I hang out w/ are all tiny and I still feel like the fat one in the group. I realize a size 8 is not fat, but it's all mental at this point!
Health needs to be my focus now. Not skinniness! I need to have that engrained on my brain or something!! It's what I want to teach to my family and to Hannah especially, but I have to grasp it first.
Health is what is important!!
My goal for today is to get my (lazy) butt on that treadmill!!! :) I will do it.

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