I finally feel normal again after this weekends trip and work. I'm so not used to being up and working like that yet. It was worth it though. The kids went on and on about how this was our best vacation yet! I am so happy to make such great memories for my kids to have of their childhood. Being a parent is so awesome and rewarding!

I finished unpacking the suitcases this a.m. and got the laundry going, started the dishwasher, vaccuumed the house, and now I'm sitting down for a few mins. I got my first check this weekend and I'm thinking of opening my own bank account. DJ and I are getting very serious about saving money and getting our credit in order. As I near 30, it's like there is no excuses for dumb money mistakes anymore... and believe me, we have made our share of them. I hate that still after 8 years we are still paying for them. So anyway, we want to get things in order and save save save and get our credit back on track. So the plan is for me to save as much of what I make as we possibly can and I think if I have a seperate bank account it will be easier to save it and not spend it. We'll see.

On the weight/food front... I did see 144 lbs. earlier in the week but after our vacation I was back up to 146.. the same as last week. It's fine though. I feel pretty good.

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