Vacation and Work....

Vacation was a blast and I have some pics to post in a bit. :) I'm hoping the bathingsuit pics haven't scared all my faithful readers away.

We left early on Friday and got to the hotel by 11. DJ pre-registered us and we got into the waterpark around 11:30. It was so fun and perfectly age appropriate for our kids. There were no deep water pools except for the hot tub over in the corner and it was easy to keep the kids out of that area. There were a few wading pools and two giant waterslides that twisted and turned, outside and back in and emptied into a small pool at the bottom. So fun!

After a short wait, that was sorta hairy w/ the kids, we got into our room around 3. We cleaned up and headed out for dinner. What was funny was that my phone rang and it was my brother. He and his gf and her kids were at the same hotel as us, without us even knowing that the other was there! They ended up leaving though b/c they have older kids and it just isn't geared for them.

So off to dinner.. We ate at Max and Ermas... I ordered some "no guilt" black bean wrap appitizer that was far too spicy for my taste. I ended up picking at everyone else's food though and got pretty satisfied. ;)

Later we did disco bowling which was fun and DJ and the girls did laser tag. We were in bed though by 10:30 and all of us went to sleep quick.

The next morning we were up early for a continental breakfast and back into the water park by 9 a.m. We stayed there until 11 and then packed up and checked out.

We spent some time at the mall and then ate lunch at Friendlys... the kids choice! I went for a grilled chicken breast, cottage cheese and veggies. Yum! We arrived home around 3 and I had to get ready for my 12 hr. shift at work.

We had a great time though and I am so glad we went!! It was perfect!
Pics in the next post!

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Kyla said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. You look great in your bathing suit, too! I would love to take my kids somewhere like that and look forward to the day that I can look as good as you do!