Hours at the ER...

I have had the craziest last 24 hrs....

I only have energy for a short version...

I spent most of the evening last night, doubled over in pain.
I ended up at the local ER, w/ an IV, diludad and fenegran (sp?) after calling my surgeon.
Came home around 1 a.m. w/ no answers.
8:30 am I go back and get an ultrasound of my gall bladder, liver, kidney, etc.
I come home and have a message from my surgeon to get up there asap.
We jump in the car (after taking Abbys bday treat in for her class and letting her pass it out)... grab the kids and get to the hospital up there around 12:30.
I get more bloodwork done. I get a HIDA scan....
I see the doctor at my surgeons office...

Still no answers.

Where do we stand right now?
The ultrasound on the gall bladdar showed everything was normal.
The Hida scan will be read and a report sent in the a.m.
If it isn't my gall bladder not fuctioning then I will go back and get a scope to check for an ulcer. If that comes out fine, then I'll get a CAT scan.

This sucks. I don't have time for this.

I am in pain all the time and it sucks!!!!



Susy said...

Oh Amber... I'm so sorry your feeling crappy and having to do all this. Take care, feel better and well talk again soon on yahoo my friend. :)

Through Thick and Thin said...

ood luck, take care and keep us posted

Sharon said...

Oh yuck honey. sorry you are going through all this. Keep us posted, k?


Kyla said...

I hope everything is ok!