Oh my goodness sakes!

Gabe has spent most of the last 24 hrs. throwing up. WTH?? Have I mentioned how ready for summer I am? I am also ready to open the windows, do some spring cleaning and get out of this house!! Soon, very soon. I looked at the weather and it says we will be in the 50's for the next 10 days. That offers some hope! It is April, and the kids are allowed to start wearing shorts to school on May 1st.. We are almost there. If I can just hang on a little longer...
I picked up some cute short sleeve shirts for the kids last night. Bright summer colors. I plan on going through their clothes today and getting rid of the too short, too old, too tiny, "I hated that when you bought it" clothes and make room for the summer stuff. :)
No food or weight loss updates... all of that is sort of going to the back burner. DJ told me yesterday that he is sick of hearing me call myself fat and if I don't stop he is going to hurt me. LOL Ok, ok. It is the belly skin though. Honestly if I didn't have that I would believe I was small, but that saggy skin really messes w/ my head. Sorry, but it does. AND those dang BMI/weight charts that still call me overweight. Sigh.
Anyway, I can't chew today b/c of having my braces tightened and a new wire put on yesterday, so I may drop a few lbs this week afterall.
DJ and I have a running joke now, where he will try to get me to take a bite of some forbidden food, ie. candy, pizza, etc. and will say, "Here...reese cups for your booty!" or "Have some pizza for your booty!" He's real funny, eh? (Can you see me rolling my eyes??)
I plan on only getting on the scale each Monday now and really trying to let all this surgery/weight loss stuff take a back seat.
Oh! I did stop at GNC though and made a nice purchase yesterday. I got a box of Oh Yeah protein wafers for $8. It was on sale for some reason. I was sort of upset though b/c they had a box of chocolate, but no pb.. and pb is my fav. I went ahead and bought them anyway b/c they were so cheap, but I told the guy, next time they better have pb. :)
I think Gabe is feeling better... He asked for a piece of bread earlier after I asked him if he wanted some toast and bananas. Nope, "raw" bread is what he wanted... so anyway, I let him have a piece. I just looked over and he had stabbed it w/ a comb (I have no idea) like a skewer and is chowing.
Please God, let him keep it down. I'm so tired of wiping up puke. Seriously.

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