A new low! :)

I'm eating right, moving my butt and it's paying off. Thank goodness.

I'm sort of bordering on bad (irratated) moodwise b/c of money/bills/prices/gas stuff. I am good at ignoring a lot and since DJ make more money combined than most people we know (including both sets of parents, and all of our siblings), I haven't really worried a lot about finances. Things can be tight from time to time, but we have both been blessed w/ high paying jobs, low living expenses, and make it by quite well.

My biggest headache though is a $450 car payment, and $3.79 per gallon gas prices... I drive an Expedition that gets 15 mpg, that I do not have the option of getting rid of. I drive probably 30 miles to work.


Our utilities are climbing, food prices are rediculous and gas... ugh. It is overwhelming at times. We work so hard to get things and I'm honestly afraid of where all of this is heading.

So anyway, that is where my head is today. I'm not sure why it is hitting me this week. Maybe it's all the talk about the rice and flour shortage, and how bread and meat prices are going up now. Who knows. I am seriously considering planting a small garden.


AJ said...

you should plant a garden! It helps with global warming you could help offset the carbon impact of your SUV :)

Kyla said...

Congrats on the new low!!! I can only imagine 141! That's awesome.

I know what you mean about prices. I drive about 40 miles one way to work and gas is killing me! It costs about $70 a week in gas alone. Gas is now $3.76 a gallon here, too. Groceries are also soaring! Our grocery bill was $30 more last week and we didn't buy anything extra. The prices are ridiculous. If I didn't have such good benefits at my job I would quit and moving closer isn't an option. I can't wait to get that rebate check soon to pay some bills!!!

Amber said...

Congrats on 141! That's gotta feel great!

$3.79 for gas? Cheap! We've been well over $4 here for a few weeks now.

Ouchie on that car payment though!

Are there any co-workers you could carpool with, even if it was to meet them 1/2 way or something? I know carpooling doesn't work for everyone. My husband can't really carpool because a) we live a different direction than everyone in his office, b) he never knows when he'll get off work. Thankfully he drives a hybrid, and our budget really hasn't been impacted by the gas prices, so it's not that big of a deal.

We haven't been seeing/feeling a big impact from rising gas prices or food costs, but what's killing us out here is housing. We'd love to buy something, but even at our salaries (which are very good), purchasing a home in California right now is out of the question. Just to buy the home we're currently renting would be more than $1000 more a month than rent. No thank you. And while home prices are dropping like rocks throughout Southern California, prices in our small town have only dropped a tiny amount. It's looking more and more like we'll keep renting until my daughter goes to college (to stay in the school district) and then will move out of state afterwards. It's pretty demoralizing when two college-educated professionals who make a 6-figure income can't afford to buy a 2 bedroom townhome.

Bah humbug.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new low. I just read all your archives. Yes I have no life lol. But really so interesting!! You have done such a great job. It made me a little more prepared for some of the things I may go through after my surgery. Thanks for being so honest.

Susy said...

Keep up the good work Amber. It's all about FREEDOM - right!!! and it just doen't come through weight loss.

I believe in you!