I'll admit it

The scale totally determines my mood and how I feel, how I eat, and basically if I am in a good mood or not. This morning I am 142 and I'm so thankful and actually feel thin again. The bloat is gone so I know that is reason too, but good grief I wish I wasn't such a scale addict.
We all have our vices though... so I guess that is mine.
150 on the scale really scared me. I mean seriously, freaked me out. Suddenly I was convinced that I would regain all 136 lbs. I'd lost plus some, just like I have every other time I lost weight. I have to convince myself that I have control of this! That I know what I'm doing and am doing it.

Arg. Yeah, as I've said, year 2 is already harder than year 1. Blah.

I'm off work again today, plan on running some errands and paying bills, laundry and some spot cleaning and that's about it!

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