So there we have it folks...

My first monthly weigh in GAIN.

The overall picture? I am still down 2 lbs. from 2 months ago, BUT... I think my grazing is catching up to me.

Confession? I've been a carb addict. I've been grazing. I've been standing in the kitchen "taste testing" anything and everything I can find. Then when I go overboard, I go lay down, let it pass, then will actually find myself in the fridge again! Blah!!

What is wrong here??

I think I know.

#1: Skipping meals...
I've been skipping meals. Or eating very little all day long, then at dinner I am starving and want to eat from 6 p.m. til I pass out from carb overload at 11 p.m.

No skimping all day on food!

#2: Not enough water...
Enough said.

Set goal of 64 oz. and DRINK IT!

#3: Eating past the point of saity.
I have pushed past the point of "full" too much lately.

Measure portions and stop when it's gone.

#4: Not enough exercise.
I have counted working and house stuff as exercise for too long.

Get dvd's out, go outside and walk, move MORE!

#5: Carb Lover.
I love carbs. I love crunchy, salty, doughy, sweet, etc.

Break carb addiction and get back to basics.

I am learning that just because I've lost 130ish lbs...the battle to keep it off will be just real as the battle to get it off in the first place! My love/hate relationship with food will never go away, but I am so thankful that I am in a better place to fight.

Right now I have 17 ish lbs. to lose (thank you regain... grr)... but 17 lbs is so much easier and more doable than having 147 lbs. to lose!

I will finish this. You can bank on that.


Through Thick and Thin said...

I am so right there with you on all of it. the carbs, exercise, taste testing, skipping. overdoing and having tolay down to let it pass then going back for more. UGH.... no wonder I've bounced up and down between the same 5 pounds for months.

Meghan said...

Thanks for being real about it! I know the journey doesn't end at goal... it will always be work. And you're right... you can finish this!