Tummy tuck

The reality is setting in that I have two choices.

Get used to my new lovely hangy skin thingy...OR...Chop it off. Sigh. Neither option sounds very good to me right now.

Option 1: Get used to it.
I don't know if I can. The more I lose the worse it gets. It's flat and saggy and wierd. I have to tuck it into my panties and into my pants. It is in the way. It disgusts me and makes me feel nasty and fat. As time passes maybe I'll be ok w/ it, but I doubt it. When I sit down, it sort of sits on my lap. It isn't terrible, but it's there. Blah. Can I get used to it?

Option 2: Tummy Tuck
Pain. Money. Recovery time... did I mention money? Double sigh. I would love to get this done, but I'm afraid of surgery and I don't think I could swing the price of it anyway, espeically considering that insurance would probably deny me, b/c my panni is "not that bad".

Don't even get me started on the pancake breasts.


Through Thick and Thin said...

Too bad they can't take the hangy skin thingie and stuff it in our boobs! That would be something! I'm with you on the skin. It's gross. It's got to be stuffed into out pants and hidden, like a dirty secret.

Kellie said...

OMG can I relate and I still got a long way to go! Remember the days of the full breast where they kinda poked over the top but didn't look to bad? OMG OMG God forbid we should let our "pancakes" poke over the top its totally