My progress video!


Melting Mama said...


I hope you see how truly amazing this is.

Do you?


(Your braces are adorable. I have always wanted to get them, and I don't think my teeth are healthy enough to bother, though.)

Amber said...

After I sat here and cried for a good 15 mins. it may finally be dawning on me what has happened in the last year.

I'm sort of an idiot I guess, for taking so long to "get it". ;)

Thanks about the braces. :D They are a huge pain... LOL

Tracy said...

That is soooooooo cool!!!!

I'm gonna do one!

You are awesome BTW

Pam said...

Great job on your success! Loved the video. You've done great.

Meghan said...

wow, wow, wow!!! I need to start taking "progress pictures." And I was feeling so bored and discouraged with the whole weight loss process today... thanks for the inspiration!

Kristi said...

Amber, you are gorgeous!! You give me so much hope that my surgery can be as successful as you are. I'm taking lots of pictures of me, so I can have a montage too. You are an inspiration, I check your blog constantly!!