What do you wanna know?

Ask me anything! I will answer any questions either with a blog or with a video! :)



AJ said...

Is this like truth or dare without the dare part? ;)

Amber said...

Yes! Come on ask a qusetion! :)
I can't believe no one has yet...

Anonymous said...

Did you have a problem with emotional eating?

This sounds like a stupid question, but what did you do other than eat in the beginning after surgery? Did you sit down at meals? Did you find it hard or was there zero hunger?

I'm 300+ and considering RNY. I am terrified I will eat 'thru it'. What changes have you learned to make sure you keep it off.

You look awesome, btw.

AJ said...

Ok, my question is how much did you weigh when youstarted how tall are you and how bad, if at all, is your skin sagging and where?

Kristi said...

How was the first few months for you? Did your hormones affect you a lot?

Susy said...

I wanna know??

how tall you are?

have you always been heavy or did you get heavy as you got older?

tell us whats is normal meal for you know that your a year post op? size, what your body rejects, how often, snacks??

do you still play mind games with yourself or are you just skinny and happy now?

can you eat sweets at all?

do you exercise? how much.

what cd is in your car stereo? what do you listen to?

i like hearing you on YouTube. Blog it, vlog it... just some ideas I wonder? LOL


Anonymous said...

I feel like such a weakling for every letting myself get so fat that I need WLS.

Did you feel like this too? People tell me to just stop eating.