Odd Thanksgivings

So I am totally out of the habit of blogging and in a way I'm sad about that. I want to get back to it. Especially since I'm HOME...all the time... and there is only so much cleaning and laundry I can do in a day. For a long time I felt as if I shouldn't blog about anything that wasn't WLS related or something I couldn't tie into the "life after gastric bypass" theme. So what has that brought me? No posts. So from now on I'm blogging about my life... and trust me it will include all the stuff this blog always has, plus more.

So first let's talk about Thanksgiving.
Last Sunday we kicked it off at my Grams house. I weighed in that morning at 142. We ate. I was surprised actually at how much I could eat. (Though of course in the grand scheme of things...and compared to what I used to wasn't much....BUT for ME-- and my pouch/rearranged was more than I realized I could fit in there). Anyway... I felt pretty good and skipped dessert so I was A-OK. In fact, the next day I still weighed 142. Yay me.

Thursday was our next dinner and we actually had two that day. First my mom's house, then a brief stop off at his families dinner. At mom's, right when the meal was being served, I got hit with a migraine...(head exploding, temples pounding, gut wrenching headache) and ate barely anything, of which I promptly lost hanging over the toilet a few mins later. Ugh. Who gets sick on Thanksgiving?? Me. That's who. Oy.

I took some pills and tried to lay down before heading to DJ's families dinner but it was no use. The headache was there and making me quite nauseous. Once we got to his grandpa's house I picked at a plate of food...actually tried to eat twice but eh, I was pretty much over it.

It was a very odd holiday, for several reasons actually.

My little brother is at boot camp and my other brother was 3 hrs. late getting to Mom's for dinner. So I saw none of my siblings that day. When we arrived at DJ's grandpa's, his grandpa got a call that is mom had just died. Not to mention that half of his family didn't even show up at all b/c of drama brewing..ugh...and then my pukefest/headache....It was just a weird day.

Oh and Friday, I weighed 142. :D

Speaking of Friday... I got up and shopped. I found a few things but nothing I couldn't have gotten another day. It was still fun though.


Michelle said...

I have had horrible gut-wrenching migraines too lately..the last one two days!!! OY!!!

sorry you weren't feeling well and I hear you about the blogging but truly your life now and how it is is what this surgery is you are it's not losing it's not all those early out big goals but it's the maintaining and the other things that occur now...I had the same thoughts, but I love to blog!! lol

Susy said...

Well I've missed you! I think we all have something to share Amber. We can still learn from each other about our days, troubles, life. Sometimes it's nice to know someone else understands!