Obama :)

I was so excited yesterday to watch Obama swearing in and all that jazz but omg I getting so at some people ... I'm seeing random status messages on MS and FB and other places that are just down right racist. It makes me angry too b/c some of these people I have known for years and never knew how they really felt. It is hard for me to just shake off as ignorance, when these people have spent time in my home, with my bi-racial daughter and our family... and it makes me wonder if they think these things about my Hannah. Racism is alive and well. I have known this...but when hits this close to home, and I am completely helpless, it makes me see that we live in a pretty sad world. I hope a change really does come, but right now I don't have much hope for some people.


Meghan said...

I know what you mean! Lee & I don't have kids yet, but sometimes it's as if people don't even realize I'd be completely offended by the crap they say. We're living through a transition, and all we can do is demonstrate goodness, kindness, ability, friendship, etc while the morons figure out those things have nothing to do with race. :)

It's also a bit weird to be that Obama is all "first African-American" president and all that. I understand that he identifies that way, and that his family identifies that way, but he's biracial. It's a bit troubling that the old one-drop rule still applies... one black parent and you're officially black. I think multiracial folks should be able to identify in a number of other ways--as multiracial, or mixed, or whatever. And I know they do. The good news is that if we could just get people to see race is irrelevant to EVERYTHING, then it won't matter how people identify racially... they'll just be people.

I haven't given up hope just yet. :)

And maybe you can cut some of those people out of your circle of friends?

Kriss said...

OH Amber I am sorry. I know for myself I didn't watch the inaur. not because he is bi-racial but because I hate politics. He wasn't my choice for president but not because of his race. I am sorry you had to see hatefulness. -kriss

Name: Lynise said...

Amber I totally understand how you must feel about the whole racism issue, ESPECIALLY when its an issue thats so close to your heart.

My younger sister is bi-racial and over the years, people (friends) would make inappropriate remarks that highlighted their racist attitude and I would skirm and feel so uncomfortable as I knew there was no way some of them would say some of the highly offensive things if they knew.
When I was older I finally had the courage to simply say how rude and offensive I found their comments and would drop the bomb at the end by saying "what your saying is extremely offensive to me as my sister is bi-racial and just because I look white, I'm also mixed ethnicity so you have stated your racist point of view to the wrong person". I would watch their jaw drop and some would try and recover from their HUGE faux pax.

There is good and bad in every culture around the world and to base a judgement on a person based upon the colour of their skin shows true ignorance and highlights how badly we as human beings have screwed up the world we live in.

John said...
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John said...

Mrs. Amber,
Thank you for your honesty and your courage to share this topic with us. I am Half Black and half Puerto Rican So I can totally relate, it’s not so bad growing up in New York Biracial but raising my son who is also black and PR in Alaska no less has been difficult. My son has dread locks and that alone has caused some grief but he is so strong willed that he refuses to cut them and he is only eleven. We have been blessed to see this day; we could only imagine what the future holds. We must begin to focus on the future The first black president should be considered the “Past” not forgetting about it but passing on to the more important issues reestablishing our home front socially as well as economically. Obama said it the best, “This is not White America or Black America This is the United States of America”…