Snowed In

We are snowed in again. It seems the last few years have given us a good week of dumping several inches (or feet) of snow on us and cutting us off from society. It usually is around this time of year.
So here are we are cozy, warm, playing games, watching movies, cooking...

I normally go into hermit/mom mode and want to feed everyone. What is that? Hibernation? Something like that. There may be something hardwired in my brain that urges me to "fatten" us up or something. I am fighting tooth and nail to not even go there!

It could be boredom too. Really you can only watch so many episodes of House or Grey's, clean out so many closets, download so many songs, play so games, and surf so many websites before you lose. your. mind.

The kids hit their limit a few hours ago and so I sent them outside to "sled". They were back in, in 30 mins... I fed them beef stew and hot chocolate and now they are sleepy from the cold and finally quiet watching "Kung Fu Panda" w/ Daddy.

So...right now... I'm cooking enough grilled chicken to last me for two days and also making some concoction of yummy goodness for them to munch on.

So yeah, the point to my blog. I could use this time to eat, but I'm choosing to stick with what I've been doing. I've got a good solid week of clean eating under my belt... Down 7 lbs. and feeling GOOD. No hypoglycemic issues this week, lots of energy, my skin looks better... I look and feel better.

I'm not willing to sacrifice that, just b/c I"m bored and snowed in. :)

For some good entertainment watch this:

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