Today was a better day! I went and got my nails done and then bought Gabe a new pair of shoes (its camo in the DC)... these:

Then we ate at Olive Garden while Pepboys put a new tire on my car. Yep, that's right. Just bought 4 new tires two weeks ago... When we came out of the mall I heard "whoooooosh" and looked and there was a huge piece of metal in the tire. Thankfully, they gave us a brand new tire for $1.00. Now to call about the crack I got in my windshield Monday. A huge rock flew off a semi and cracked my window. And DJ is putting brakes on Saturday. I'm seriously SICK of putting money into this car!

I have been eating pretty well and have completely avoided
sugar for almost a week now. :) Hope to see some movement on the scale again soon!


MoLawEd said...

Ugh. Cars. I know what you mean about pouring money into a car. I actually need to get 4 new tires for my car ASAP.

Glad you're avoiding the sugar, though! Keep it up girl! :-)

Devon Klotz said...

I love the shoes!
Good luck with the scale! My scale must be broken, I don't like what it says. :)