3 years post op

This is going to be a quick update b/c I'm getting ready to run out the door to work!

Start: 277 lbs.
1 year post op: 142 lbs.
2 years post op: 144 lbs.
Current/ 3 years post op: 152 lbs.

Total loss after 3 yrs: 125 lbs...

I've fought the dreaded bounce back but am still happy to be maintaining a 125 lbs loss after 3 years!

I'd call myself a success!


Anonymous said...

undoubtedly a success!!!!!


you look wonderful, but you have always looked wonderful

Roux Gastric Bypass said...

Wow, your gorgeous! I see you ha d a little weight re-gained? That is scary as I am about 10 months out from surgery. So far, I have lost 97 pounds!

My life and I am sure your life has changed. Good Job, if you do not mind I am going to finish reading your old posts....