Are you kidding me?????

Weight... bouncing between 247.6 and 248.4 for 6 freaking days. I'm starting to get mad. I have read a gazillion WLS blogs and no one's weight has stalled like this at 5 weeks out. I'm eating what I'm supposed to and I'm ticked off. Seriously. This is crap.

P.S. Don't anyone tell me that my body is catching up or any other programmed comments that you learned at OH. This is me. This is my now. I know the weight will come off eventually, but I am a visual, scale person and I need that scale to move or I'll freak out. Like now. I took it for 5 days and didn't complain... today is day 6 and I'm angry.

Stupid fat, go away.


Danyele said...

GIRL - COOL OUT! It will happen, ok? Please be patient.. I didn't lose much of anything from weeks 3 to 6. Seriously.

Dagny said...

Oh yeah! You're entering the "Nothing's happening! I did this for nothing!" phase.

You'll get through it, we all did. I know it sucks. I wish I had something else to tell you!

Michelle said...

Start measuring yourself with a tape measure instead of the scale. I know, I'm a scale whore myself so easier said than done!!

Melting Mama said...

Um. Yeah. What they said, and...

"Call your doctor."

Other standard Oh Aych Advice.