I spent most of this morning outside planting flowers and then came in and cleaned my house like a mad woman. It feels great but boy am I worn out!!

I finally got a chance to eat something around 2 p.m. and tried some egg salad, which my pouch promptly let me know, was not acceptable. I settled for string cheese. So about 10 mins ago I decided I'd mix up an Isopure drink in order to get my protein in. My fluid was good but protein was low. I figured I'd do 12 oz of Isopure for 50g and be good.

I opened the canister and poured two scoops into the blender and this is what I found....

It is the tip of a latex glove. Gag.

I called GNC first b/c that is where I bought it and they gave me a hassle about it, asking if I had a receipt and that jazz. I was so whipped up and grossed out and told the guy that I don't keep receipts for 2 weeks after I buy something and like it. He said he'd talk to his manager "TOMORROW" and call me later. I told him that was unacceptable and he needed to call me back TODAY. If you'll recall I had an issue at GNC purchasing it in the first place so this attitude on the phone made all the more unimpressed with that store.

After hanging up with him I called Nature's Best. They were much more helpful and are sending out a replacement right away. Now I'm only at 20g protein for the's 3:30... I have some vanilla protein powder but I got really nauseated the last time I drank it. Ugh. Hopefully one day of low protein won't hurt!

Right now I don't feel like eating anything. I'm so grossed out.

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Dagny said...

Hey Amber---That's all way icky but I wanted to tell you, and be sure to confirm this with your nutritionist, 50g of protein is more than your body can metabolize in one serving. Keep it down to about 25g max, every few hours. Take care!