Coffee...sweet, glorious coffee

It's been 3 weeks since I've had a sip of coffee. I have heard some post ops say they couldn't tolerate coffee for years after surgery...others had a bit in the hospital the day after surgery.

Let me start though by saying that I love coffee. I was/am a coffee addict. I used to drink a pot a day and loved every second of it. I drank it strong and black. I knew that was going to change with surgery... I figured I'd have to add some protein to it. lol

At any rate, it's been 3 weeks. My surgeon ok'ed coffee. It is in a recipe section of our post op manuals, but for some reason I've been afraid to try it. I guess in my whole mind set of getting healthier, I figure breaking my caffiene habit was a smart thing to do. Plus, I've heard about all the bad things caffiene does for people trying to lose weight...(dehydration, slows weight loss, increases hunger, etc.)

BUT, I decided to try a Mocha Iced Coffee drink this a.m. and let me tell you... it is awesome. YUM!!!It took 3 tries to get it "right" b/c the stupid protein powder kept clumping up, but now that I'm sitting here sipping it... I'm enjoying every second of it.

That is rare too, because the last two days I have hated eating. I don't want to eat. I don't want to spend an hour mushing crap up that I end up having to throw out and start over 3 times before I get it right anyway, and by the time it's ready I don't want it anymore. Oh, the joys of WLS. LOL

At any rate, this coffee is pure heaven. Finally, something good.


Dagny said...

Three weeks out???!!!! Oh so much adventure ahead....

Are you going to add a weight ticker? Your progress is going to be exciting!


Amber said...

Working on adding a ticker now! lol Thanks for stopping by! ;)

Not-so-Fatso Jen said...

I am a true coffee freak. I did no caffeine for six months post op, but then couldn't take my limited choices anymore. I'm back on full strength, trying to drink more water to combat any dehydration and also taking all my vitamins, including calcium.

FYI, espresso has less caffeine in it than a cup of coffee, due ot the process of extracting a shot. So if you want, order an Americano and get the flavor of a cup of coffee, but a little less caffeine.

Amber said...

Thanks for the tips Jen!