Progress Pics-3 weeks post op

I've decided that after looking at these, I'm not going to take anymore progress pics in my pajamas. I look terrible... lol BUT I can see a difference!!!

So here we go...
Before and then 3 weeks post op.
Down 21 lbs.


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3 weeks post op:
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Here is a face shot at 3 weeks too:
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Woopidy do. I wish I was at goal already.


Dagny said...

I'm really glad you posted some photos. You are really going to appreciate seeing the change and everybody will be excited for you too! I can tell we're going to watch a very pretty face emerge. So much fun ahead.....

Melting Mama said...

You have beautiful eyes.

Amber said...

Thanks guys!! :) I am wondering what is under this fat suit! :D Can't wait to unveil it!!