January 2007

The ball is rolling now for sure!! on January 30, 2007 2:18 pm
The surgeon's office called me and confirmed that my ins will cover 100% of the surgery w/ $0 out of pocket... YAY!!!Not only that, but I will do my CPAP titration study, THIS Sunday night!I will then meet w/ the surgeon THIS Tuesday!! The only other thing I have to do is have my psych evaluation and that's it!!!That is all my ins. requires. The nut eval CCBS will do! I can't believe it is happening so fast!! WOO HOO!!!She said I should be having surgery in less than 2 months!! I am soooo excited!!!

Sleep Study results on January 27, 2007 2:16 pm
As I said before, I had a sleep study completed in Jan. 04, during my first attempt at getting WLS. I am not sure if I ignored the results or never got them or what... but I went to see the doc I saw back then on Friday. It turns out I do have sleep apnea and restless leg sydrome. I knew I had the RRS, but I didn't realize I had sleep apnea. I do not have to re-do the sleep study now, but I do have to go and get fitted for the CPAP now. Blah. I am coming out of my denial when it comes to my true size and weight. I am so overweight, that I am suffocating myself at night when sleeping. That is disgusting. How did I ever let myself go like this. I think it went something like, open mouth, insert fork.... ugh.At any rate, I am feeling anxious. It's been a week since I attended the seminar and I've heard nothing. They said 1-2 wks.... I was hoping for 1 wk. lol I am sure someone out there is laughing at me right now for being antsy after a week of waiting... but really its been 3 yrs! I know I was the one who stopped the ball from rolling before, but now that I'm 100% sure that this is what I need to do, now I want everyone to just get it together! hahahahaha!!! I know it's a process but I am so ready to get going.... I am ready to enjoy my life again... my kids, my husband. I want to give them all that they deserve and that starts w/ me being a healthy wife and momma. I am doing this and I feel great about it. :) I WANT THIS FAT GONE!!!!

Here we go again... on January 23, 2007 12:23 pm
I finally attended the seminar w/ St. Vincents Bariatric program last Saturday morning. DJ's dad and sister came and spent the day with the kids and so DJ and I drove up together. It was a beautiful morning and the drive was nice and relaxing. I was nervous but DJ is such a strength to me and it was great to have him with me. We arrived at the hotel where the seminar was being held, parked and walked in. We were about 10 mins early and easily found a seat about half way back on the left side. There weren't many people in attendance, which was nice b/c I felt less self conscious being in there. It was odd... here I am in a room full of overweight people who are going through the same things I am going through and yet I was very anxious about being there at first. Maybe it is the vulnerablity of being a room full of people who know how you feel... I couldn't wea a mask in there. I couldn't pretend that I was ok w/ my size... I couldn't be in denial about my weight problem. For the first time in my life I had to admit and face my obesity in a public forum. At moments I felt humilated that I even had to be there, but then I decided that I should be proud of the fact that I was there. I am taking the first step in doing something about this weight. I'm not just sitting at home drowning my sorrows in a box of ho-ho's anymore. ;)The seminar went over the procedure and the emotional side. They talked about the risks and the new life that we all will have. They gave a very realistic veiw of what is to come and I appreciated that.I filled out some paperwork, received the "packet" and headed out. They said they would be calling my insurance company and that I should too just to make sure we get the same info. I had gotten a copy of the policy mailed to me back in Nov. but of course I can't remember where I put it for "safe keeping". ;) I spoke w/ a rep who was very UNhelpful yesterday and seemed to know nothing. I figure as long as she verified that it was covered, which she did, then I'll wait for the surgeon's office to tell me what the requirements are again. I also called my old family doc. from 2004 when I was trying to get this surgery. He was very helpful in getting my things lined up and organized and he has all of my old records from back then as well. I also need to call a couple other doctors who have recorded wieghts of mine, and I'm also going to get documentaion from when I had a membership at Curves. It shows the weight loss I attempted back then as well. There is so much to gather, but I'm just wanting to get it all so I can get the ball moving!!I have been working on my diet history over the last couple days. I have dieted myself to obesity I do believe. I have tried almost every single diet created! ugh!! Oh yeah.. going back to 2004... I was looking into getting surgery then but they ins. said I had to do 6 mo. supervised diet and I didnt' want to...Well, I did but I figured if I could lose weight, then I wouldnt' need the surgery. I did complete the sleep study and the psy. eval though so I'm hoping and praying that I can turn those in and won't have to do them again!!! That would be so nice and probably cut down on my the time between now and getting a date!! :)All the doc. offices that I've gone to in the past have been very co-operative and helpful so far and said they will gladly forward my records to St. V's at no charge. I'm happy!So now I'm waiting to hear from St. V's to find out when my 1st appt. will be! Since there weren't many in our group, I'm hoping I hear from them sooner than later! They said they would call all of our ins. co.'s then call all of us and it would be in 1-2 weeks. It's been 3 days... lmbo. I'm so impatient! I better learn to calm myself down!!I can't believe I'm really, finally, seriously going to do this. I am so excited!!

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