A lot has been going on and my arm is hurting so I can't type much. I guess I'll do a few bullet updates. :)

Arm Situation: Had the ultrasound this a.m. No blood clots. (I could've told them that...) I called my family doc but he is on vacation until next Monday... said to follow the instructions of the ER doc and then come see him Mon. So I'm on Keflex and then something for pain. It is feeling a little better today but is still stiff.

The kids: They have all been throwing up all day. Ugh. I thought with warm weather they'd stop getting sick! Guess not yet.

Birth Control: I had my IUD inserted today. Didn't hurt at all. No big deal.

Weight Loss: I am so excited I was able to lose 5 lbs. last week. I really wanted to be 225 by the time we went to Cedar Point on June 23. I probably won't hit that number exactly, but I'd love to even be in the 220's by then. That is my next mini goal!! For right now, food is ok too.


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Danyele said...

Sorry to hear about your elbow - what a weird thing to happen. You're just cruising along with your weight loss girlie! Too cool!