OK so I can move my arm again. (That's good news, right?)


Now I have the flu. Or some form of the aftergastricbypassIcan'tthrowupbutitcancomeoutotherways flu. I've stayed near the toilet all day. Oh the joy. Ugh. I forced down a protein drink earlier, and then some mashed potatoes and turkey (which I'm totally regretting now) but otherwise, it's been 8 oz of crystal light and now working on water. Blah.


TOM started last night. The cramps. Ouch. :( Popping a couple Motrin used to work wonders. Now I'm screwed.

So there you have it. TMI and all.

On to better things....

I am down 36 lbs. at this point, but I'm already seeing a pattern. This is where the weight slows a bit, but everything starts rearranging. Clothes start fitting wierd and people make comments about me losing more weight. Isn't it funny how that happens? The week I lose 5 lbs. no one says a word...but the next week, when I've only lost 1 everyone notices a change. Huh.

OH! I got a tredmill today too and I was so darn excited I walked a mile on it. It was a 24 mins. mile, BUT I did it. Sick and all, I walked. :) I'm a teensy bit proud of that. Even considering the fact that when I got done I nearly fell over... a small price to pay to be able to say I did it. Now I have no excuse.

I also cleaned my entire house, top to bottom this week, have all the laundry caught up and working on washing blankets right now. So maybe I do have more energy than I thought. ;)

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Dagny said...

Hey! That extra chin that used to be visible seems to be disappearing already!!!!