Holy Inches Batman...

All I can say is wow. I'll stop complaining now.

(I regret not measuring pre-op...but here's what I have)

3 weeks post op:
neck: 14.5
shoulders: 51
upper arm R:17
upper arm L: 17.5
forearm R:11.5
forearm L:11.25
wrist R:6.5
wrist L:6.5
belly button:54.5
bust: 51
upper stomach: 52
lower stomach: 57.5
upper thigh R: 29.5
upper thigh L: 29.25
calf R:17
calf L:17.25
ankle R:8.75
ankle L:9

neck: 13.5
upper arm R:16.75
upper arm L: 16.5
forearm R:11
forearm L:11
wrist R: 6.25
wrist L: 6.25
belly button: 49.5
bust: 46.5
underbust: 40
upper stomach: 45
lower stomach: 54.75
hips: 48.25
upper thigh R: 27.5
upper thigh L: 27.25
calf R: 16.5
calf L: 16.5
ankle R: 8.75
ankle L: 9

Down a total of 37.5 inches from 3 weeks post op to 2 months post op.

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Through Thick and Thin said...

WOW thos masurements are great! keep up the good work. I'm a month behind you and was excited to find your blog on the sassy ladies ring.