9 weeks--41 lbs.

233 lbs. this a.m. and down 41 lbs. (44 since pre op liquid diet). Not too shabby.

I wore a size 16 skirt yesterday. It was a STRETCHY denim skirt, but the tag said 16 so I allowed myself to feel ok about that. Before I would've told myself that I wasn't allowed to be proud of that b/c it was a stretchy material and not a true 16 BUT with my new mindset, I looked in the mirror and said, "You look pretty good today!", walked out the door and felt super all day. :)

I went back to work this week. I work at home so my hours are totally flexable but it's been an adjustment going back after being off for 8 weeks. I need the $ for new clothes though!! LOL

I do have a bit of stress in the back of my mind. We are going to Cedar Point this weekend, and I am scared to death that I won't fit on some of the rides. I am almost afraid to even try. I haven't been there for a few years and I can't even remember how much I weighed last time....Ugh.

Well I'm off. I'm shampooing carpets today!

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Michelle said...

It truly is amazing to watch your own progression. The numbers on the tags helped my mind wrap around the fact that I was losing and I was getting smaller. Have fun at Cedar Point!!