ho hum

I started back to work this week. It is nice to work from home, but on the flip side, it's hard to get my booty back into gear after taking so much time off. In fact, I worked about 7 hrs on Monday, then about 3 on Tuesday and shampooed my carpets and I was zonked out on my couch by 5 p.m. and stayed there until 9:30. Sleep, glorious, sleep. :) It was one of those naps that you wake from knowing you hit REM and your body loved every minute of it. haha!
The bad side though was that I was up until 4 a.m. then back up at 7:30 a.m. this morning.

So... here I sit on Wednesday, late morning, and am trying to figure out what to do next. I could...

put laundry away
clean the upstairs


sit here blog.

As you can see, I've gone with the later for the moment.

Gabe is sleeping and the girls are outside playing. It's nice.

So what shall I talk about? OH!

Let's talk about food.

I ate crackers and cheese yesterday afternoon and threw up for the first time since surgery. Serves me right I suppose. As I mentioned before, I worked and shampooed carpets yesterday and forgot about eating. I drank some fluids but that was about it. Didn't even get my vitamins in for the first time since surgery. Bad me. So anyway, at about 4 I decided I was hungry, but nothing sounded good and the kids were eating Ritz crackers and American cheese. I joined in.

About 30 mins. later I was hanging over the toilet "spitting up" like a little baby but felt so much better getting that little bit out. I had had a headache and had taken 2 Tylenol w/ the cheese and crackers. Something was stuck and it had to come out. It was all a weird sort of feeling but I was glad when it passed.

So today, I wake up, have my usual homemade latte and try to figure out what to eat. I have no idea. Nothing sounds good. I'll start to eat something and after one bite I have to throw it out. Is that normal? I'm going to get some groceries tomorrow and I suppose I'm going back to refried beans, cottage cheese, yogurt and chicken salad. Everything else is ick right now.

I'm only eating about 600 calories a day and my surgeon says 800+ or I'll stop losing. I have a mind battle about that. I will not FORCE myself to eat if I can't. I will get in the protein and that's it. I'm not going to make myself eat when I'm not hungry. I just don't see a point in that. And I certainly am not going to add calories just to see a number on the fitday screen. Maybe I'm wrong?? I dunno. If the whole "starvation mode" thing is true, then how are anorexic people so tiny?? Wouldn't thier bodies hold on to their weight??

So at any rate, I'll eat when I'm hungry and when I can stomach it.

Oh, and my surgeon also wanted me off protein shakes at 6 weeks out. He says they don't keep you full enough and he wants us eating a protein bar instead. Ew. I'd rather have the shakes. Seriously. Protein bars make me feel queasy and gross.

Everyone says follow what your surgeon says though....Ugh.

At this point though, if hunger isn't an issue than I'm going to stick with the shakes if I need a supplement. Afterall, if I notice that they aren't keeping me full, I'll know to switch to a bar or a more dense protein at that point.

I did some math. At 9 weeks out, I have lost 28.4% of my excess body weight. :) Pretty darn good!


Through Thick and Thin said...

I'm curious as to what your diet consists of. what do you eat daily. breakasts, lunches, diners, snacks and so on. I am struggling with my own and trying to come up with a plan that works for me.
HOW do you manage to only get in 600 calories a day???

Amber said...

Here is a link to my fitday account. I enter my food on it almost daily or try to at least. You can go back through and see what I'm eating.

I try to eat low carb and stick with protein mostly.

Amber said...

I also wanted to add that a few weeks ago I could eat more. I don't know if the nerves are healed and now I'm "feeling" when I'm full and maybe I wasn't before?? I dunno. At this point, I'm having a hard time eating like I did before as everything seems to settles like a rock and make me feel nauseated.

Through Thick and Thin said...

here is my fitday (just figured out to makeit public. My breakfast itself was over 300 calories (milk, banana slices, 1.5 scoop protein, choc cyrup & carnation) it just doesnt seem right. i can see the majority of calories are coming from protein but it still seems like a lot.
and same as you, i am not feeling like i am full. i can eat a lot more than i thought i would be able to. Thanks for sharing your fitday!

Michelle said...

Amber I went through a short period of time when I felt like you do, I couldn't eat more than one bite of anything and I was done. It like all other things passes in time. Try to do what the surgeon says if you can, it's the tool and the rule book, per se. I still use protein shakes, although only one now in the am. I'm not exactly following the NUT's recommendation, but you have to do what works for you to make this a success.