Boy did it ever raise it's ugly head today.

Just got a phone call from a member of DJ's family and was informed that they were trying to lose weight the "hard way" as I had taken the "easy way out".

I prompty told them to save their drama for their mama and hung up the phone.

Idiots. Seriously.

I started b/c I made the comment to my SIL that this person had not lost their baby weight. That was all I said. Nothing less, nothing more. That turned into... "You said I'm fat, and that my mom has gained back her weight too..But just to let you know we're doing it the hard way, not the easy way like you". Whatev.

Toxic person. Adios.

There is no room for people like this in my life.

I did call SIL who I love dearly and it was traced back to her repeating the comment I had made. I am not denying that I said this person had not lost baby weight. I did say it. But not with malice, I just looked at a pic and made a comment.

It isn't like no one ever commented on my weight behind my back. It happens. It's what we woman do. Sorry, but it's the truth.

People have always been jealous of me. Fat or not. I am a talented singer, a good mom, I have a great family and home, a wonderful husband, gorgeous, adorable kids... And now I'm getting fit and they can't handle it.

Oh well. Fire away, but understand that I don't care. I like me. And I'm proud of what I'm doing. You can call it, "the easy way out" all you want to. Your words don't effect me anymore. This Amber, doesn't need your approval.


Through Thick and Thin said...

This is far from the"easy way out". I knew it would be hard but not this hard. It really is like a full time job to make sure you do everything you need to and i mean everything

Danyele said...

You go Amber! I'm so happy to read that you're standing up for yourself and keeping that negative energy away from you.

Dagny said...

Be prepared for more of this! There are going to be some people who won't be able to relate to you the same way anymore and THEIR ISSUES will manifest in various ways.

Nice new photo! Lady, you're on the way to being drop dead gorgeous and it's gonna cause you some problems!!!


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