17 Weeks

The 4 month marker comes on Thursday. 4 months. Wow. I was hoping to see 70 lbs gone by that day... still have 2 days and 2 lbs. to go. lol We'll see.

I am getting into some of my size 16 pants. Sunday I wore a pair of size 16 dress pants from Old Navy w/ a size L shirt and a size L cardigan. It felt nice. :) I got a ton of compliments too and it really gives a boost to my self esteem.

We are leaving for vacation tomorrow...finally! We've been trying to get going since last Thursday but we had some issues with the camper that will finally be resolved tomorrow. We'll been gone a week and I am so ready. When I return, I'll have tons of stories and tons of pictures, I'm sure! :)

Oh yeah! Saturday night I attended my (lame) 10 yr. High School Reunion. It was a flop from the get go (which I knew) but was hoping things would perk up once we were all there. It didn't. We stayed and had dinner and tried to talk to a few people, but the music was so freaking loud you couldn't even hear the person next to you (and that was while SCREAMING!!!) It was rediculous.

I found out that out of my entire class (136 people), I have been married and have stayed married the longest... (7 yrs.)... I found out that most of my classmates still think they are 19 and act like it. What is weird though, is that the ones who acted the most immature LOOKED the oldest!

I would've liked to have been at goal when I went to the reunion, but you know what? I walked out of there feeling AWESOME about ME! My life is so grounded and happy and peaceful. I am mature and hopeful and HAPPY! I have grown up since HS... and sadly a lot of those other people haven't. They are still running around, sleeping around, acting crazy and broke and without any boundaries in their lives. It's sad really.

As we walked out and got into the car to leave, I felt a huge sense of satisfaction w/ my life and my choices. It hasn't always been easy and there have been times when I have looked at my life and wondered how I got here. At that moment, I decide that there is no where else I'd rather be!

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