Quick update

My updates may be few and far between for a few weeks. I started working outside the home again and the kids are heading back to school on Tuesday. A lot of things are changing right now, and blogging is having to go to the back burner but only for a short time.

I am 18 weeks out now and am down 71 lbs.... Only 2 lbs. to that half way mark. Not bad for 4 month out! ;)
Take care everyone!!


Not-so-Fatso Jen said...

Just catching up on my ring reading. Excellent progress, sassy sister! Keep of the awesome work.

Tracy said...

where the HECK are you?????

I'm blogging now and EVERYTHING!

Scale Junkie said...

I know you!! Your pictures look great, so glad to hear you are doing so good after surgery. I can't believe how big the kids are getting!! So glad I stumbled on to your blog, you should fix it and blog more often!!