Doing better...

I've gotten in all of my vitamins and water in during the last two days! :) My teeth are still sore but not as bad and I've been able to eat a little more the last few days. I am sitting solid at 181 lbs. right now.

Isn't it funny though, how 6 mo. ago I would've killed (or had my insides rearranged) to be 181 lbs. Now it doesn't seem good enough. Everytime I step on the scale I want it to be lower. I do, however, in the back of mind, wonder how I make the weight loss stop once I hit my goal. I'm sure it will, but there is that weird thought there, that someday I may be too skinny. Weird.

Work is going well. I really made good money last week...It's nice to not worry about money anymore and yet I do miss being home. HOnestly, I love the adult interaction though too... and the time to just be Amber. Don't get me wrong, I am always, Mommy and Dear, but sometimes it is nice to be Amber too.

I do have the next 3 days off. Today I will spend most of my time getting ready for the Holiday Craft show coming up that I'm in charge of planning, and then tonight we are responsible for feeding 40 ppl at a church conference meeting. Thankfully, someone else is cooking the food, and we just have to sort of oversee it and serve it. I can handle that.

Tomorrow and Thursday, I have no plans for the most part and I am excited. A few days just to chill-ax! :) LOL

I better run... Gabe has finished his pancake, and I have to go deal w/ the cable company. During the storms last night, our digital cable box got fired. I'm sad too b/c we had Heros recorded on there and never got to watch it. :(


Through Thick and Thin said...

Your post made me think a lot and I made a post on my own thoughts. 100 pounds ago I too would have killed (or have my guts rearranged) to weigh what I weigh now. But my weight still isn't good enough. When WILL my weight be good enough?

Kim said...

You look amazing! You should be very proud!

Kim (COF)

Tracy said...

Amber you are doing soooooooo freaking good! and this time dammit we are keeping it off!