Where have I been?

Well, I have been working full time, raising kids, keeping a house, being a wife, and losing weight!

And as of this week, we are now back in Youth Ministry. DJ took a position at the church here in town and that in itself is a huge undertaking. I hope we can balance it all. He will keep his full time job at the steel mill too. So...busy, busy.

I am so happy with life right now though. Losing this weight has been amazing and I know I would've never been able to keep up with a life this full before. I just didn't have the stamina.

I will try to get some updated pics up soon. I can't find my camera but I know it's around here somewhere. I am down to 186 lbs. as of this a.m. It feels wonderful! It has been so worth it.

I am getting braces in the next couple months as well. I have to get spacers put in next week, then teeth pulled, more spacers, then the brackets go on. I hope I don't look too crazy lol. I feel weird being 28 yrs old and getting braces, but I want that perfect smile to go along w/ my thinner self. LOL :)

The kids are doing great... Gabe is my little man, and is growing up too fast. Hannah brought home straight A's on her midterms again and Abby is still my prissy little precious princess. ;)

Life is amazing. :)


Danyele said...

She's baaaaaaack! I'm so happy to hear about your exciting new life, Amber!

Susy said...

Never too old for braces now days. I got mine a few years ago, so I was 35 with braces. I ended up going with the gold braces/brackets. I loved them. They looked so good and me being older. The Dr office talked me into them and I loved them. Go gold. It was only 100 more for the gold one here where I'm at. The years fly by, so it goes fast. :)

Tracy said...

Yaaaaaaaay! You are looking so great! ONEderland BABY! Hope to join you soon...

also... funny ......... I just made an orthodontia appointment for ME yesterday! (I think I need a retainer to straighten out all the work my mom paid for when I was an ungrateful preteen who never finished wearing her retainer!) but anyway......... keep us posted