Here is a pic from Oct. 16.... almost a month ago... I will take more today before work, but thought I'd share these two.

I'm about 10 lbs. less now.

I found my camera!!! :)


Cdn_gal (Lei) said...

Oh my gosh Amber!! You look absolutely gorgeous!! (not that you didn't always, but you seem to be glowing now)!!
WTG!! You should be so proud of yourself, I know I am...*winks*

Susy said...

Hubba hubba. :) You look great. Nice job Amber.

Danyele said...

Wow - you're just cruising right along Amber! Good for you!

Try not to let work stress you out - and you MUST !!! start taking care of yourself. The weight loss doesn't matter if you're not healthy enough to enjoy it. Do you drink protein supplements? I really recommend that you try to fit one in every day. It helps you maintain your muscle mass - super important that you get enough nutrition every day. ((hugs))