Ouch. I'm a big baby. Seriously.

I had spacers put between my teeth today to get them ready for the braces. It feels gross and hurts. I am already annoyed by it and I haven't gotten the brackets on yet. lol On my way home I stopped at mom's school (she teaches music/gym at a private school in our town) and when I got there she had the 5th graders in class. They all agreed with me, that spacers HURT! lol

On the weight loss front, I'm about 185. The scale is still going down at a pretty good rate. I won't complain.

I am planningo n cutting my hours at work down to part time. It is just too much trying to work full time, and handle everthing else I have on my plate.

OH! I almost forgot. I went shopping this week and picked up all size 16s at Old Navy, went back to try things on and found it all was TOO BIG! I bought 14's and a skirt in size 12! :) Yay!

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