Monday: Week 38... I think....

Hmm is it week 38 or 39? Not sure... At any rate, I'm 155 lbs. Yay! I feel great and am doing awesome on my vitamins, food and liquids. Next is adding exercise. Blah! lol
All 3 of my kids have some sort of intestinal flu thing. Ugh. Hate it for them and for me. I will definately be shampooing my carpets today or tomorrow. Ick.
I ended up going to class this morning but called off work for tonight so I can take care of them and DJ can sleep. He started in a new dept last night and is away from the meany man who's been trying to get rid of him. Thank God.
My last day at the restaurant is Friday. I'm thankful for that too. I'm ready to be out of there. I found out today that my state test for STNA is Feb. 10 so I have about a month of not having to work. I plan on enjoying every minute of it. :)
Right now I'm sitting here enjoying a bowl of Wendy's chili. Yum! I plan on scrubbing and disinfecting every inch of this house today as well. I hate when they are sick. It makes me feel like our whole house is contaminated. Thank God I rarely catch what they have. (Knock on wood).
Not much to report really. I bought small/med. scrubs for clinicals. That was a nice feeling. :)
Have a great week everyone!


Tracy said...

WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO small/med scrubs!!!!!!! You are officially a skinny biotch!!!!!!! :) said with love

Catrisha T said...

WOW!!! You are doing excellent!!! You are such an inspiration to me and others. What a HOT LITTLE MAMA you are becoming. Keep up the good work!! Hugs~ Catrisha