Well the weekend is here, but I'll be working for all of it. Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, then next week will be my last week at the restaraunt. I'm praying she doesn't overschedule me, b/c I really don't want to work 2nd shift M-F and not see the girls at all. I have to go get my TB test for my clinicals next weekend, and I have to get in quick for a physical. So much to do. I better call today and get that scheduled.

I didn't weigh today. Getting on the scale isn't as fun anymore since the weight loss is slowing down. I've still averaged about a 10 lbs. loss for the last few months, which is fine with me, but I notice my weigh stays the same for longer periods before I get a little whoosh downward. Maybe someday I'll be able to weigh only once a week and not be the scale addict I have been anymore.

I'm eating and drinking (not together), counting my protein, and taking my vitamins. I feel good.

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Mary in TN said...

Hi Amber, so I guess the eating is going better these days? I only wish I could be turned off to food, at least for a few days!!
I'm so glad to see you are getting things done to attend nursing school. I am also starting something new, I'm opening an embroidery/monogramming shop. I'm scared to death! I don't even know how to use the machine yet!
Also, when do you take your vitamins? Do you take them all at once?
Take care!

Mary in TN