A day off

So I finally have a day off from class and work. I planned on getting some grocery shopping done, and some lounging and some cleaning... instead I've been taking care of a sick baby. :( Gabe started throwing up last night around midnight and it's continued into this morning. He's finally sleeping now. Poor baby. I really hope it ends with him, though I know realisticly, it usually has to get passed through all of us before it's over. Ugh.

I didn't get on the scale this a.m. It's in the upstairs bathroom, and frankly I was too tired to go up and weigh. I've been a solid 156 for a few days now so I feel good.

I tried watching Big Medicine last night, but I just can't get into those weight loss surgery shows much anymore. I don't know why. Pre-op, I couldn't get enough... now I can take it or leave it. Same with the Biggest Loser. Eh.

I've been doing awesome on my food intake and vitamins the last few days! I'm proud of me. I even made sure to get enough fluids. :) I feel pretty darn good. I've added a protein shake every evening again, just for the extra boost and I plan on starting some exercise soon. I may even drag that aerobics stepper out later today. We'll see. :)

I'm sorry if I gave anyone a mini stroke when I took my page down. I was surprised to hear from so many saying they missed me! :D I feel loved. hehe I thought I was pretty boring, but I guess some of ya'll like boring. :D

At any rate, you guys are stuck with me! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

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